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Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Tiny Egg!

This morning as I was going out to let the chickens out, I found the tiniest little egg out in the chicken yard!

We have 3 batches of chickens.  Our oldest batch are over a year old and lay normal sized eggs (on the left).  Our second batch are about 5 months old and have just started to lay.  Their eggs are smaller; their eggs will increase in size as they mature.  They are called "pullet eggs."   The third batch is only 3 months old and shouldn't be laying yet ... but then who laid this tiny thing on the right?

I checked over at one of my favorite blogs, BackyardChickens.com, and found that this sometimes happens but the egg is not fully formed.  Sure enough, when I broke it open, there was not a typical yolk inside.  The young pullet probably wasn't expecting this to happen, since the egg was in the middle of the grass and not in a nesting area!

It was a cute little surprise from one of those 4 youngest pullets!  The family cracked up when I showed it to them.  You learn something new every day!

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