About this site

Welcome! I created this site to share what we've done, talk about what we plan to do, and exchange ideas with other folks who are on the same path as us. Join us in the fun of living at Chickaree Hill Farm!

Meet the Family

Oliver planted those sugar snap peas!
Tim and I are blessed with three wonderful children!  Oliver and Una are twins, and Eli is our sweet little one. 
Una with Feathers, an Easter Egger (she lays green eggs!)
Little Eli

Eli loves to feed the chickens; Oliver helps him pick clovers, a favorite treat!
 And here we are on a typical weekend!

Lisa and Tim
We live on 12 acres of land in Upstate New York.  We've got a swell black labrador and 22 chickens - many different breeds.  Our house was built in 1775 and we often think about the pioneers who settled this town and built this house.  Talk about homesteading!  

We are so grateful for all of God's blessings and do our best to live according to His will!
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