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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Got Water?

I grew up in suburban New Jersey so I had to get used to a few things in the rural area that I live in now. We have a well and electric stove - no electricity means no water or cooking! We are hoping to switch to a propane stove at some point, but we have solved our water issue.  We actually have two wells on our property, a deep well that services the whole house and a shallow well that we use for the outdoor spigots and sprinkler system. Tim installed a hand pump on this well, so now we are ready for a power outage!  This pump would work well for flushing toilets and cleaning, and if we put it through a purifier we could drink it too.  This water is also used for the chickens - we can't use the outside spigots in the wintertime, but we can still access this water using our new pump.

The brand of this pump is Oasis and we purchased it from Rintoul's Hand Pumps at www.handpumps.com.  It cost about $340.  We've only been using it for about 3 months at the time I am writing this but so far, we haven't had any problems with it.  It is a non-freezing design which we need here in the Northeast.  We have had freezing weather and the pump is doing just fine.  It is not made of metal - it is made of reinforced engineering thermoplastics so it is lightweight and won't rust or corrode.
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